Friday, January 30, 2009

Among the Sea of Heads These are the Photos I was Able to Take

I wasn't really going to blog about my Inauguration experience because honestly I wasn't happy with the photos I got of all of the events. Yet when I reviewed some of my photos I had some that were ok.
My friends and I had silver tickets, which was located in the back of the capitol reflecting pool. I figured if we cam atleast one hour before the gates opened, we'd get a good place in that area. Boy I was I wrong. We arrived at the second closest metro stop near the silver gate a little after 8 am and the there was a flood of people. We walked past the purple and blue lines and the lines were outstanding. Even though we were in the back, I felt bad for the people in both of the lines. This was the line for the purple ticket holders. The line went straight into the 395 tunnel to the left.

When finally made it through all the lines and security we were behind the Capitol reflecting pool. Within a half hour our area was filled, within the hour we say this behind us.

And I just thought this photo was cool.

Inauguration 016

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