Friday, January 30, 2009

Among the Sea of Heads These are the Photos I was Able to Take

I wasn't really going to blog about my Inauguration experience because honestly I wasn't happy with the photos I got of all of the events. Yet when I reviewed some of my photos I had some that were ok.
My friends and I had silver tickets, which was located in the back of the capitol reflecting pool. I figured if we cam atleast one hour before the gates opened, we'd get a good place in that area. Boy I was I wrong. We arrived at the second closest metro stop near the silver gate a little after 8 am and the there was a flood of people. We walked past the purple and blue lines and the lines were outstanding. Even though we were in the back, I felt bad for the people in both of the lines. This was the line for the purple ticket holders. The line went straight into the 395 tunnel to the left.

When finally made it through all the lines and security we were behind the Capitol reflecting pool. Within a half hour our area was filled, within the hour we say this behind us.

And I just thought this photo was cool.

Inauguration 016

Why I am up so Early?

Because I am headed to the dentist but I am not getting my teeth checked. Instead I am taking my uncle.

By the grace of God, I haven't had to do this often but I am not looking foward to it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My President is Black, So is my Blog

Hell everyone has made up some wild personal comparision to our newest president, why can't I?

I figure my first blog used Blogger's plain and simple black template why change up? For now I keep this template but in the words of President Obama, "Change is coming."

She's Back...

Long ago there was a girl who loved to blog about the quirky instances that provided flair in the narritive of her life. She would bitch about her obsession with food, men, sex, the choices made from all three and her dramatic alter ego played into them. Some would say she used her blog as a way to keep situations from blowing out of proportion. She would say it just her way of avoiding psychothreapy.

In this two year stint, the more situations in life occured, the more she would blog. From the major delays cause by Washington DC's Metro Rail to the day to day office politics back to issues with her favorite playmate, Miss Kitty. Her favorite topic would be her dealing with a person she grew to love and discovered how hard it is to love someone who doesn't love hard in return. Those who read the blog pointed this out but as blind and deafing as love is, her ears and heart were not receptive to their opinions.

At times she put her wishes for love on the back bunner and delt with her biggest adversary, self image. Some of the opinions of readers and revelations through writing helped her fanaggle her way through some of her biggest roadblocks in life.

Some during her blogging period, life's little enquities and self critiziting got the best of her. She thought that blogging caused some of the drama but after taking a two year hiatus she discovered that drama blog wasn't the issue but the actual drama. Although some of the drama was at no fault of her own, while a portion was caused by the choices she made. It took a simple moment (and time to bounce on padded walls) to make her realize the decisions made was not only making the her life's journey rocky but overshadowing her, in which she or her alter ego could not accept.

It took a couple months for her to rearrange and change some of the decisions made. She traveled and learned some new things. Love was lost and reagined. Some situations changed for the better and worse. In all, she has made the decision to do whats best for her and those who she loves.

As she reflects and keeps mentioning herself in the third person, she remembers the number one reason she started blogging in the first place and says, "I'm back bitches"